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Thank you for inviting me to share my Combating Stress in Children - Yoga and Relaxation training with you. It isn't always easy showing up early on a Saturday Morning and participating in Yoga and Relaxation! But you did it and I thank you for being such a great audience!  I hope that you had a fun time learning and practicing some stress busting activities that are not only great for children but for you too.

Click on the following link for the handout. Combating Stress in Children - Yoga and Relaxation Handout

Additional Training Hours for Combating Stress- Yoga and Relaxation

Would you like to earn an additional hour of training for Combating Stress in Children- Yoga and Relaxation? The online course is a 2 hour course and if you complete all of the assessments, I will send you the certificate for the additional hour free of charge.  Please follow the directions below.
1.     Open a free account on the LKA Training Learning Site

2.     In the available courses section select and click on the Combating Stress course by clicking on the title.

3.     Follow the self enroll instructions by clicking on self enroll.

4.     Access the course, refresh if necessary by watching videos and reading text.  Complete the assignments and the final email. Please state that you are from the Nebraska Family Child Care Association.  Your assignments will be checked and a PDF certificate for 1 hour of training will be sent to you via email.

Nebraska Family Childcare Online Training Special-Open to Everyone...even if you did not attend the event! 

Offer available until June 1, 2014!

Training Bundle- 3 trainings, 6 hours total = $15 (Regularly $30)
Trainings include:
Picture It – Cooking with Preschoolers
Literacy Based Activity Planning

ECE Theories in a Nut Shell
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$15.00  Training Bundle Pack

Please follow the directions to complete your enrollment in the 3 courses.

1.     1. Open a free account on the LKA Training Learning Site
2.     PayPal will send confirmation that you have made a payment for the Bundle pack. You may also email Analisa at stating that you purchased the Bundle Pack and have completed the site enrollment. You must complete step one before you can be enrolled in the courses.
3.      Analisa will then enroll you manually in all three courses and email you a confirmation.

4.     Complete the courses and receive your certificates via email.

$12.00 Yoga Cards

Stressbusters- Yoga

   When you think about yoga, what is the very first image you see in your head? I would hazard a guess; it is of an uncommonly quiet room, with highly flexible people bending over backwards. While this yoga is beneficial for adults, it isn’t what doing yoga with young children is about.

        Granted some children may be able to be still and quiet while practicing yoga, but not all younger children will. If you are sharing yoga with younger children, making the poses fun can be just as beneficial as the silent yoga practice we see in media. As children grow older, you can transition to a silent practice, but there is no reason not to make yoga fun for all.

        I love the laughter that happens when young children try new poses and master old ones. Yoga with kids can be free flowing and less structured than a regular class, this allows for fun, exercise and relaxation. Children’s bodies are meant to move and their minds need to learn. Why not share yoga with them, let their bodies move, let their minds learn to relax, share in some fun times and enjoy your time together.

        Yoga can be fun and games if you make it so. When doing poses make animal sounds, read a poem about animals while holding the pose, practice listening to your breath, sing, or just be still in the pose. It is about starting a lifetime of love for yoga and relaxation more than finding perfection is a pose.

          If you are interested in a fun and easy way to introduce Yoga to young children, check out our yoga deck of poses. Visit LKA Childcare Training for more information on the Deck of Poses!

 Each deck contains 26 yoga poses demonstrated by preschoolers. When you flip the card over, you will find written directions for each pose and ideas to use with the children.


Some days there isn’t enough stress in my life…Just kidding. Between work, raising children and my husband I can get a bit overwhelmed.  Not to mention bills to pay, grocery shopping, cleaning and so on and on. I could keep going but I am sure by now you the idea… stress is everywhere.

How do I stay sane in a world where there is constant chaos…by the way my husband tells me I thrive on chaos. I don’t seem to believe him when I am in the midst of my madness but when it is all calm and peaceful. I can see how he thinks that, it isn’t easy being a master of chaos but somehow I can pull it off.

Can you believe that our children are just as stressed as we are? We don’t really notice it all the time because their stresses are different. I can’t count how many times I have said that I wish my only problems were what to wear, who to play with and what’s for lunch. With that being said children live in a different time then we did. When I was growing up kindergarten was a fun place to play and maybe learn to write your letters.  Now they have homework, take standardized tests and don’t get as many recesses as we had back in the olden days. 

I don’t know about you but for me combating stress before it overtakes me and makes me cRaZy is the most important thing I can do to keep myself sane and healthy. Now I wish I would have learned the simple things when I was a child, it sure would have made the teenage years, the sleepless parenting years easier. Giving children the tools to alleviate the symptoms of stress is just as if not more important than taking care of your stress. 

 I made a list of a few things that help me and the children at my place keep my stress under control and will share them next time. But until then , share what you do to for stress busters for yourself and the children in your life. Just leave a comment to share!

If you are in need of training hours in Early Childhood Education...check us out at LKA Childcare Training.